One weekend. One Dental School. One Rubik’s cube.

… Not for the faint-hearted!!


WHEN: Bus departs 8.30am sharp 25TH FEB (gather at RDHM rear entrance on Cardigan St) & returns at RDHM at approx. 1pm on 26TH FEB

Games & activities, alcohol, with the night culminating in RUBIKS CUBE DANCE PARTAY! Oh and alcohol.

The Rubik’s Cube. You must bring clothing/items of 4 different colours (colour not specified). You must look for people wearing the same colour clothes & swap around. By the end of the night, you must be wearing 4 items of the same colour!!

$50 for MDSS members / $60 for non-members
$10 for bus trip (optional)
Includes accom, meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day), drinks, camp T-shirt & showbag full of vouchers & freebies!!! Hell yeh!!

WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING FOR BUS SO GET IN QUICK! If you decide not to travel by bus, we encourage you to carpool! :D

*Let us know your dietary preferences on your sign up sheet.


1) Find your local MDSS representative in the common room

2) Bank transfer

Melbourne Dental Students Society
BSB: 063 349
Account Number: 1006 9007

*WE ONLY TAKE BANK TRANSFERS until the WEDNESDAY 22ND FEB. Electronic payments made after this date will not be guaranteed a spot on the bus!

*When you send in your bank transfer, please SEND AN EMAIL TO, to let us know about your transfer details (full name, year level, whether you’ll be taking bus or no


Welcome from the President

G’day first year DDS / BOH students, welcome to Melbourne Dental School (and if you’re from interstate / overseas, welcome to Melbourne weather)!

Here, you will learn to drill, fill, make university libraries your home during exam periods, cram a semester’s worth of lectures into a few nights and, most importantly, figure out how to respond to completely unforeseen questions in the exams & salvage a Pass.

But life as a dental student is not just about studying & stressing. If you’d like to de-stress from endless lectures or are keen to meet students from other year levels, the MDSS (Melbourne Dental Students’ Society) is here for you!

The MDSS is run by… YOU! Yes, there is a committee made up of eleven dental / oral health students who organise & co-ordinate events, but all those events would not be possible without participation from the students. So please support YOUR student society b

y coming out to our social events! The seniors are eager to meet new faces and are happy to share their past experiences & study resources with all you first years.

During the MDSS election campaign last year, one of the promises I made was to bring students from different courses closer together through various social events. The MDSS will thrive to reflect and represent the values and interests of all students within the school – BDSc, DDS and BOH.

So DDS and BOH students –if you have any suggestions / concerns you’d like to raise with the MDSS, please make use of your course representatives  – Ahmad Samir (DDS rep) and Priscill Koh (BOH rep). I have personally requested them to always maintain ample communication with their respective courses, so that your concerns can be relayed to me as soon as possible.

The MDSS will try its best to ensure that students from all cultural backgrounds are catered for in the organisation of its social events.

Any questions regarding life at RDHM, please feel free to approach one of the MDSS committee members & ask questions. We will be more than happy to help you out.

I cannot wait to meet you all! See you in the near future!

Max Lee
MDSS President