Grand Dental Ball & MDSS Committee for 2016

Thank you everyone for coming last night. Hope you had an awesome night! Congratulations to the winners of the best dressed award: Liam Petrol (DDS1) and Roseanne Yew (DDS3)Also congratulations to the incoming MDSS committee for 2016;

President – Vineet Thomas

Vice President – Wendy Yu

Secretary – Lauren Houston

Treasurer – Anthony Lay

Sponsorship Officer – Zibo Wangding

Activities Officer – Zibo Wangding, John Roberts-Thomson, Umasha Ukwatte

Marketing Officer – Gyu Lee

Media Officers – Michelle Jun, Angela Liu

IT Officer – Alan Zhu

ADSA Rep – Lisa Wang

DDS2 Social Rep – Zahi Shlah

BOH Social Rep – Angela Liu