World Oral Health Day – Bake Sale Fundraiser!!

The World Oral Health Day event is the MDSS’s largest outreach and charitable event. With collaboration with Dental Health Services Victoria and the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, and sponsored by ADAVB-Guild this event aims to increase awareness about the importance of oral health as well as to raise money for improving access to dental care in third world countries.

Where: RDHM Common Room
When: Monday 20th March 12pm-2pm
What: Reduced sugar baked goods with sugar-free gum to help increase your caries protective factors!!

Please come and support this great cause by participating in our bake sale!!!

Much love,

Boat Cruise!

cruise-posterMDSS present the highly anticipated annual BOAT CRUISE!!!!🌊⛵️🌊⛵️

The theme for the year is: Pirates ‘n’ Booty (with pun intended 😉 )

Bring your best Jack Sparrow, with a monkey or a parrot on your shoulder! Move that big ole Hull of yours and shake that Booty! Lets Rock that Boat!

This WILL SELL OUT! so grab your tickets early or you might just capsize! ⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️

Details are below:

Friday 17th March
Boat departs at 7:00pm SHARP! (if you miss it…I hope you’re a good swimmer) Get there by at least 6:30pm for boarding!
Where: Victoria Star; Dock 9, Central Pier, Victoria Harbour, Docklands VIC 3008

Members price – $35
Non-members price – $45

Pizza and ultra-cheap drinks available on the boat!

🍻$5 Jim Beam/Johnny & Cola
🍹$4.50 Cruisers
🍻$4.50 Monteith’s ciders
🍹$4 Heinekens
🍻$4 Coronas
🍹$4 Basic spirits
🍻$4 Asahi’s
🍹$3.50 Wines
🍻$3.50 Carlton cans
Doesn’t get much cheaper than that! For all you Aqua-holics!

The MDSS crew will be selling tickets in the common room every day between 12-1pm until Friday, March 17th (unless sold out prior). One you have paid, make sure you use this link below to register!!!!
NOTE: If you are buying for more than one person please fill out the form again for each person that you are paying for.

Payment details are below:
name: MDSS
BSB: 063-349
Number: 1006 9007
Description: First name, last name, year code (i.e., DDS1) (email us the screenshot! with the above details as well)

We will be sending a confirmation email to you once we’ve recieved your payment.

It’ll will Shore-ly be and Oar-some night!!
See you soon!

Love MDSS xoxo