ADSA Convention


The ADSA Convention is the single most anticipated dental student event for dental students all across Australia and New Zealand.

Organised in conjunction with James Cook University (JCU), this year’s ADSA convention promises to be the best yet with intellectually stimulating lectures and workshops as well as the opportunity to meet fellow dental peers from across the country.

When: July 7th-12th (Tues-Sun)

Where: Novotel Oasis Resort, Cairns

Academic events –
Social events –



Early Bird Price:
*As the convention dates do not coincide with our mid-semester break, ADSA has organised a special weekend package for us (last row in the table below).

Early Bird (ends 08/05/2015)

Full Package (inclusive of accommodation)


Non-accommodation Package (includes everything except accommodation)


Academic Package (includes entry to 3 days of academic events. tradeshow and lunches)


Weekend Package (includes accommodation for 2 nights, Fri-Sat social events and Sat academic events + lunch) – Only open to UWA and UMelb students for the first 4 weeks after registration commencement. Other uni- versities will be able to book this package later (Date TBA)



Register now on the ADSA Cairns Convention
Password for weekend package: noholidays
Early bird deadline: May 8th, 2015

For more information, please contact your ADSA Uni Rep:
Velanni Martins

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