Melbourne takes out DSV cup second year running

IMG_1104On Saturday 8th of August, the MDSS hosted the second annual DSV cup with Latrobe Uni. 5 sports were played at different venues across Melbourne including Ryder Oval, Royal Park and the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. Over 100 dental students from both universities fought hard in soccer, volleyball, basketball, netball and finally dodgeball. On a day, some consider lucky (8/8), the MDSS once again brought home the cup winning all 5 sports.
The muddy and slippery conditions made it difficult to score in soccer, but Melbourne took out the game 2-0. La trobe put up a fantastic fight.IMG_8763
In some the most intense volleyball rallies, extraordinary spikes were seen. Melbourne took out both sets winning 25-19, 25-19.
Although the day was almost over, Latrobe put up a great fight in both basketball and netball. The Melbourne team fought back harder and oo out both sports, 64-43 and 21-13.
The day ended with a friendly game of dodgeball where everyone including the supported joined in the action.
To celebrate our victory, the party continued through the night at Shaw Davey Slum.
Thank you everyone for you support!
Much Love, Your MDSS


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