Loupes Convention 2016

loupes conventionThe MDSS Loupes Convention is just around the corner!

Join us for this spectacular two-day event to gain valuable insight into dental loupes available on the market and to hear expert opinions from staff from the Melbourne Dental School about them!

We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing loupes in the near future to attend this event!

Admission fee: Free

Day 1: Loupes Q&A

Purchasing new loupes is a significant investment for a student. Join us at this event dedicated to helping answer your questions on dental loupes and hear expert opinions from staff from the Melbourne Dental School.

Date: Tuesday 1st of March
Time: 1PM – 2PM
Location: The Jean Falkner Tahija Lecture Theatre, The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne

Day 2: Loupes Expo

Sale representatives from dental loupe companies including Orascoptic, Surgitel, Perioptix, Zeiss, Heine, Designs For Vision, will be available to showcase their products to attendees. Students will have the chance try on loupes, to have their measurements taken, and to place orders. Light refreshments will be served.

Date: Wednesday 2nd of March
Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM
Location: The Open Stage, Room 225, 757 Swanston Street, The University of Melbourne

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