About MDSS

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With over 400 members, the sole purpose of the MDSS is to protect the interests of students undertaking the Doctor of Dental Surgery & Bachelor of Oral Health courses. The committee is made up of a group of dedicated and enthusiastic students across all year level’s and courses, who strive to bring together both staff and students from all year levels, promoting networking and enjoyment, through participation in social and educational events. The MDSS is renowned for delivering impressive, exciting experiences for all patrons.

10924192_1005826026098888_7916510342204884490_oThese events are enthusiastically received by all members and peers, as well as friends from outside of the dental school. As such, we often find it difficult to cater for such high demand. However, our committee prides itself on its professionalism and we go to great length to ensure that our events run successfully and smoothly. Tickets to some of our events were sold out within a day.


In response to this incredibly overwhelming demand, the current committee has made it their mission to ensure that the 2015 events will set a new benchmark in the faculty’s history of prestigious events. We aim to provide our patrons with a thrilling experience that will be etched into their memories of university life.