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Arina was born in Russia and moved to Melbourne 9 years ago. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Neuroscience. Her love for all things neuroscience prompted her to complete an honours year at the Florey Institute, where she explored transgenerational effects of paternal stress on future offspring. Being of two completely different cultural backgrounds and now living in Australia, she enjoys getting to know others and learning about everyone’s cultural histories and stories. Dentistry seemed like a perfect match as it combined her love for connecting with people and her love for biological science, as well as, incorporating an arts aspect into her dream career. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places, taking pretty pictures, trying out the multitude different brunch places we have in Melbourne and park walks with her two doggos. She is grateful for the opportunity to promote ADSA and all the wonderful activities that it has to offer across the Melbourne Dental School and is looking forward to hence creating more learning opportunities, as well as, creating bridges with other dental students across the country to diversify the dental journey for our students.


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