Marketing Officer

Peter Wu


Peter is the marketing officer for 2017 (expect some outrageous propaganda) and prior to moving to Melbourne to study dentistry, he studied both a Bachelor of Medical science (immunobiology) and a Masters in Rehabilitation Counselling at the University of Sydney.  Peter will be entering his 2nd year of DDS in 2017 and absolutely loves the hands on and holistic approach to oral health.

Peter enjoys American Football and was a founding member of the Northern Sydney Rebels, who made history as the first team to ever win 2 games within their first year of establishment. Aside from being a Raven’s fan, you can easily find Peter sweating it out in the gym, where he picks up really heavy things and drops them, a lot. Besides being active, Peter loves to stuff his face with food around Melbourne with his “Eating Crew”. Peter hopes to use his extremely loud and talkative personality to boost up the presence of the MDSS committee for 2017.