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Jen was born and raised in Canada and completed her double degree in Biological Sciences and Geology. From an early age, she aspired to become a dentist because she wanted to inspire people to become more confident in their smiles. She has always been interested in science and art and felt that dentistry was the perfect integration of both fields. From there, she began to shadow local dentists, volunteer and work as a summer research student in prosthodontics. Following graduation, she lived in Europe for a few months, before accepting her admission to the DDS program at the University of Melbourne. Currently, Jen is studying as a DDS3 student. Although it can be challenging living so far from home, she enjoys living in Australia and picking up the local slang. In her spare time, Jen enjoys bouldering, drawing, hiking and exploring new places. By joining the committee, Jen hopes to contribute to the dental community by helping her fellow peers organize exciting events and lend a hand where need be. She has been blessed with several opportunities in her life and would like to express her gratitude by helping out wherever she can. In doing so, she hopes that the 2020 MDSS committee will be just as fun and successful as the previous predecessors before her.


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