Mohammad was born in Vienna, lived in Malaysia and has been travelling the world since he was a toddler. Mohammad spends his day indulging in the never-ending YouTube rabbit hole and loves to find a new interest every month. So far, Anime, Murder series, Animal documentaries, History, Musicals and recently FPS gaming has been at the top of his list. He is on a bipolar journey to find even more topics to add to his list. Since his teenage years, he has been passionate about Dentistry and an advocate for maximising students’ academic potential. He has always viewed prevention as superior to treatment and wanted to enter the dental field as soon as possible, leading him to Oral Health. This is why he applied for BOH right after high school. After high school, he needed time to pursue his other interests, so he postponed for a year, moved to New Zealand, studied health science at the University of Otago, and became more self-aware. His year in New Zealand only rectified his passion for preventative dentistry; thus, he returned to Melbourne and enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Oral Health at the University of Melbourne. While being an Oral Health student, he dearly enjoyed the course. He recognised that there is more potential in students and wishes to maximise their learning. This is why he joined the MDSS committee to improve his colleagues’ academic experience in their final year and set a stepping stone for future students.


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