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Rowena completed her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science, at Melbourne University. She took great interest in the human body and went on to major in Human Structure and Function. It was clear that her future would lie in health sciences. Her love for anatomy combined with the joys of connecting with people from all walks of life meant that a career in Dentistry was perfect. Rowena loves to travel – when the academic calendar allows time that is. She was recently fortunate enough to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal with fellow dentistry classmates to provide dental care to school children and villagers. Rowena was a part of MDSS 2019 as an IT & Media Officer, where she could work closely with her peers and also sponsors to organise events. She is delighted to continue working within MDSS this year in her new role and hopes to bring together all students, within Melbourne Dental School and afar, at exciting events – both educational and social.


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